Sunday, May 4, 2008

Works in Progress

This is me being busy. I have two "works in progress." The first is yet another addition to the blog-land's collection of pincushions. Really, it's nothing new, but I totally love it. I used these instructions (here) but made my own modifications: cut a circle of fabric about 3" larger than the edge of your vessel. Do the running stitch thing, stuff it with fluffy stuff, cinch it tight and jam it in. My dilemma right now is how do I make it stay in there? I'm going to try hot glue around the inside rim and then move on to other glues from there. I'm worried about how well everything will stick to the metal. The silver sugar bowl was a thrift store find. My sister polished it with my old toothbrush and my toothpaste. Probably not the best way to polish silver, but whatever. I almost wish I'd left it tarnished...

And this is my second project: growing bulrush rhizomes for a competition study with an invasive aquatic weed. My first challenge was getting these suckers to grow. Apparently you can't over water a wetland plant. I'm learning, people!

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Jess said...

Your teacup pincushion is adorable!