Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Giant Granny Square = Easy Baby Blanket

It wasn't until recently that I started photographing my craft projects. I made this blanket last year for my youngest cousin. I used the easiest crochet stitch and pattern I knew how to work with: the Granny Square. Except, I made a giant one! I just kept going round and round until I had about 19 rows to each side. For the boarder I added white yarn for a little embellishment.

This particular blanket was made with some synthetic yarn from Michael's. Not usually my first choice, but in this case I wanted something that was light weight, washable and cheap because I used about 6 skeins of yarn (100g each, I think).

I'm happy to say that this blanket has been well loved. It's been washed and but in a diaper bag, gone on multiple trips and it's help up with minimal pilling. I don't know where the hat went, but I'm sure that while it fit it was used.

It seems that at the time I thought hanging it on the fence to get a photo was a good idea. No damage done, but I've got to get a little bit more creative in my photo-ops!

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