Friday, January 18, 2008


This week I found myself in the middle of a crisis of confidence. What if I never write a successful grant? What if I never get proper funding? Why do I feel like I don't have any ideas? Am I normal? Do all grad students have this crisis at some point in there career?

I spent an hour today, surrounded by PCR machines, and cancer causing EtBr, chatting with my lab mate and lab assistant about just that: are we normal? I didn't even take my gloves off or put down my pipette, that's how engrossed I became in the conversation.

My take home message: the crisis of confidence has dissipated. There are twinges; but I can put the pains aside and concentrate on setting obtainable goals, learning something new every day (even if it's how to serve in racquetball). And remembering that I am here, every day, because I want to be.