Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cheap is good...

...but free is better! That's my personal motto.

I was at my local thrift store, where usually it's crowded dingy, and the employees are grumpy and generally not interested in actually selling the mountains of junk that accumulates (don't even get me started).

On this rare occasion there was a helpful volunteer and she noticed I had picked up some knitting needles and asked me if I'd seen "the bag of yarn." No, I said. I hadn't. So she took me to it. It was huge! Not necessarily the type or quality of yarn I would by, but a treasure trove none the less. So I bought it for $4 (after an argument with the cashier because there were several $6 tags on it as well!).

Anyway, I've decided to make a wripple crochet blanket with most of the yarn, and scarves with the rest. Then I'll donate the pieces back to the grumpy charity shop. I figure for most people a blanket or a scarf is more useful than a bag of yarn. Except me. I'll take the yarn!