Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Modern Quilt Guild: Where to Start?

I'm putting this out into the universe of blog-land. How does one go about starting a modern quilt guild? I'd like to start one in the town where I live, not because I know a lot of quilters who have a modern aesthetic but because I'd like to get to know quilters and I'd like to help people get started as quilters (not because I'm expert, nosiree).

So here are my questions, Blog-land:
1) How did you collect your people? I'll email the Mothership (Modern Quilt Guild) and see what they have to say.
2) How do you find a space and a time where everyone can come (and it still be free/cheap and not inconveniently at someone's home)?
3) How do you decide on challenges, etc.?
4) How do you keep the Guild from eating your life, but still use it as motivation to stay on task, be productive and create beautiful things?

Oh, I hope someone has the answer to my questions....

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Mara said...

And...I have successfully answered my own questions! Yes, the Mothership has some great information, but the best answer? Find a Guild in a nearby town that's already up and running and JOIN THAT ONE!