Monday, February 1, 2010


It began with an egg. Just an ordinary egg. That was washed, examined and then drawn upon. With pencil.

Then it was drawn upon with wax and dipped in a rainbow of colors. Each time more wax, applied with (semi) precision using an old Ukrainian wax-melting-tool (a candle).

And then, five hours later, it looked like this

The photos don't do it justice. Google "pysanska" to be inspired. The process is long but the decorated eggs are amazing! And you could use Luba's Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit. The dye can last up to a year once mixed. And pickle jars, apparently, work really well.


Victoria said...

This is such a COOL craft! My family use to do it when I was little, and years ago my girls and I did it a bit, too. It was always loads of fun... your post makes me want to try it again!

Craft Like Crazy said...

Oh, it is such fun! And for kids, just doing a dotted egg would be fantastic. For more inspiration I recommend checking the eggs on this site: