Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dual Personality

Lately this is how my brain has been split: on the left side a list of projects and questions I'm working on related to my research. I've got two experiments running right now -- one in the lab and one in the field -- I have plans for a synthesis paper (hopefully a draft by September) and plans for a third experiment to be deployed in the fall once leaf litter begins to accumulate.

And on the right side are my quilting ideas. The upper quilt is a work in progress thanks to crazymomquilts who has whipped me into joining a 9 patch a day quilt-along. All my 9 patches are done, and I have begun to put the pieces together. The middle drawing is for a pillow, inspired by all the extra little squares I have left from my quilt, and inspired by all the patchwork pillow love. And finally, the bottom quilt, a two-toned number to be dreamed about until my self-imposed fabric purchasing ban has been lifted.

And that's my life, side by side.

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