Monday, February 23, 2009

Saving lizards

My mom attempted to rescue a lizard like this one out of her pool today. The last one she found in the pool was belly-up, but she fished it out and set it in the sun and it recovered.

This morning she was sitting on the veranda in her pajamas, drinking her tea, reading her book when a territorial fight broke out between two males (like the one pictured above). And one male ran away from the fight and straight into the pool.

Based on the survival of the first lizard, Mom decided that she had time to finish the paragraph she was reading and take one last sip of tea before playing lifeguard. But when she got to the pool edge she noticed that the lizard was sinking. So she ran in to the house to get a bowl to fish the lizard out, but by the time she got back it was at the bottom of the pool. Thinking she still had time, Mom jumpled into the pool in her pajamas to dive down for the little reptile. But because she couldn't see without her glasses in the pool, and she didn't have time to go put in her contacts and grab her goggles (not to mention a swim suit) she was unable to rescue the little guy.

So Mom got out of the pool and sloshed her way back to her room where she changed out of her now soaking wet pajamas and called the pool guy. She asked him to come right away to clean the pool because there was a small animal in it.

So the lizards are now 1 for 2 against the pool. Despite my mother efforts to keep them safe and sound.

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