Friday, November 16, 2007

Make it if possible

I am constantly inspired by the tremendous number and variety of crafting blogs available on the Internet. These blogs and the blog owners are the reason why my own fingers itch to create, and then write about it, here in this virtual space. Yet as we all know, creativity is a gradual process, that starts with inspiration, and then goes through several fits and starts before actually coming to fruition. It's a personal process. What type of crafter am I? I have to reach a "critical mass" before I am able to let my fingers and brain engage. I am also sometimes paralysed by my excuses for why I can't craft. I am, however, certainly usually not one to create for the sake of making stuff. I like to create and then give away (mostly because by the time I'm done with a project I am so lost in the production and subsequently immune to its existence. Well, only sometimes).

So I make if possible. And I have a long mental list of projects I'd like to make. One is a laptop case to go along with my nifty new machine. Here, maybe I'll use this as my inspiration. I'll keep you posted.

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